Ready to brave the fear and feel the excitement? Mel talks about her love for horror films.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Decide if each of the statements is true or false.




Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Some people watch horror films and enjoy them , I think they try pass their problems and daily routines , they prefer imagination events than real life , I think it’s their view and I respect it .
For me , I’m not addicted in watching films , some times I relax and enjoy films , I like detective stories , films of war , it makes me sharing with characters looking for the solution and hoping that peace and love beat at last .
my favorites are Gladiator , wiliam wallas , I repeat watching them many times .

I don't know why people enjoy watching horror films, but tastes differ. As for me I like watching comedy, drama and melodrama. I have a fancy for drama films becouse most good films are drama films and if you like watching films you have to like drama films.

Hi all
thanks for this excellent practice. but can you introduce a site that i can able to chat?
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What language level is this activity appropriate for?

Hi KathiCoo,

This activity would be appropriate for low intermediate level students.

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we are 2 then I LOVE HORROR MOVIES

I love horror films, but I don´t know why.
My favourite film genre are love films, horror films and thriller films, I love the thiller.
Yes, I have watched Alfred Hitchcock’s films, of course.I think that, there are a lot of diference between horror films and thriller films.
I think always is nice to hear you.

hello everyone
I use to like horror films but by time ,I realized that there's no add in these kind of films ,always the same stories manipulating the same fairs and treating the same subjects which by the way became so boring "in my opinion of course".But if I have to choose among this horror film types ,I prefer zombie films because they're more funny than scary.
After all I prefer documentaries.

i also like gory films...i think the best one is 'final destination 3'.I've watched it for more than 7 times and i know what will happen each minute...I also like insidious which is very tense and interesting...these two films are very good.They must be watched by horror film 'amateur'

I am also keen on horror films, they make me feel adrenalin and wake me up from daily routine