Ready to brave the fear and feel the excitement? Mel talks about her love for horror films.

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Task 1

Decide if each of the statements is true or false.




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Upper intermediate: B2


:) i think u can try watching "Ringu"- a great horror film manufactured in Jappan, i think u'll change ur idea after watchin it..:) 

I'm new here and i really like this site.
I don't like horror films at all, i have never watched one of them, maybe because i don't like violence or just because i can't support the sight of blood. I really have no idea why some people like watching them: they are brave or just to prove they are so.
However, i prefer watching comedy films and drama films if they are based on real stories.
Whatever your favorite film genre, enjoy it

Aloha to all of you horror movies fans. I find most of the horror movies nowadays very stupid and boring, of course there are some exeptions.
Best horror movie of all times, in my humble opinion, is "The Shining" with remarkable Jack Nicholson.

I agree with the protagonist of the story in some of the aspect, but not in others. In first play i enjoy too  some of the horror film I have seen with special efects and tense, but I definitely don´t enjoy another which show you too much blood in my opinion. Well to be honestly   I think my favorite film genre is psychological thrillers with authors like Coppola o Histkotch, indeed we can consider this last as one of the great in this subjet. When I was a child there was a series on tv of mysterious stoies and I always was looking forward to see the next chapter. I love the tense from the beginning to the bottom¡

Yeah I have to agree with the rest of you guys Horror Movies are very exciting however I'm not really into those kind of Films. My favorite types of movies are romantic comedy and Kung-Fu movies...

i don't like horror movies

i like this type of films"horror films" because i find them very interesting and amusing ......the most beautiful film for me is "paranormal activities" that is because it is very simple but at the same time it is scary enough which means that the writer or the author is very talented person .....:))))

 thats movies has been very interesting for me, i liked the recently movie named  the Last exorcism , i have ever liked  the way  as my partner frightens , is very fun!

 i love horror films too,but sometimes i feel so scear:S:S:S

i also feel scare sometimes.....