Check out Hermia's favourite music band - one which plays real music!

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Reorder the phrases in the sentences to form statements made by the speaker.




Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Hi, Rock,soul, slow jam, jazz and classical are my favorites. It helps me to relax after work and sometimes, it's like drink a soft drink water after a long walk in the sun... 

Indie songs Are kind of great & different in the same time..personnàlly i love to listen to the good music with the coolest melody & the perfect lyrics...
Music is good but it's not everything in life!!!

Of course that i like music..everyone like to listen music..for me-singer americans are the best in the world....this is my opionion

i think music plays an important role in our life.when we listen to music our minds go on a "trip" full of magic and dreams.i really like listeninig to music and in my opinion music makes you feel free and full of energy

Well, the only Radiohead´s song that I know is Fake Plastic Trees and I think is great. I love this song, deep and sweet at the same time. And, because of this text, I decide to know more about Radiohead.
Music is an important part of my life. Many songs left their mark in my life.
The kind of music isn´t important to me. If the song is beautiful, I don´t mind if it is a hard rock, a progressive one or classical. Maybe because of this, I don´t have a favorite band, but I like many songs from Pink Floyd, U2, Genesis, Queen, Oasis, Phil Collins, brazilian music and so on.

Yes, I like indie music. i think is more uplifting than pop.
My favorite kind of music is reggae.
Music in my life is very important, mostly because I conduct a radio show.

I think this girl is on drugs :D no, no I'm just kidding, I also love to listen some depressive music :D kidding again :D
Actually I think, that band called Stone Roses is a far better band than Radiohead and they played similar music, same Genre.
And one more thing, this "Radiohead girl" has soothing voice, and I like her.
Greetings from Bosnia

The speaker's voice sounds like Kathllen's from Teen Mom :)).

:) I agree with you. Her voice is soothing. I also like. 

I prefer to hear another kind of music like Pop for example.
Elvira Yaghmour