Check out Hermia's favourite music band - one which plays real music!

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Reorder the phrases in the sentences to form statements made by the speaker.




Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I think Radiohead is a good band too. 

it was very difficult for me....

 well  i dont like much that  tipe  of music  but enyway ... i prefer  something more heavy like hard rock....but thats not bad  at all

Well, I prefer music from 80's and 90's like Depeche mode, Duran Duran, AC/DC. But sometimes I listen to the groups like Radiohead and some indie-rock groups. You see that indie rock is really popular in our days, althought there are a lot of groups that are really identical , but Radiohead has the extraordinary style of music, that's the reason I respect them.

 that really  really nice

My favorite music is Salsa. I started to like Salsa in 1996 when I first listened to my friend's salsa band.  Salsa was born in USA. It was created by immigrants who came from South America to USA in the end of 60's. Salsa is very enjoyable music so I feel very happy and I can forget some problem in my life when I listen it. In addition, listening Salsa made me think about culture or history of South America. Acturally, I started my interest in other latin music like Bolero, Tango, Latin Rock and Latin Jazz.

that is nice essay . this issue makes my eyes opened . and opened to world

music is the life
every thing around us has music
and every thing song.
to me i  love the all slow music

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Sorry but I hate the way she talks
spoiled the subject, not good for learning english