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All of our audio and video materials are accompanied by language practice activities that you can do on your computer while you listen or watch, or print out and do when you want.

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Big City Small World. In this audio soap set in London a group of young people from around the world share their lives over a cup of coffee.

Join Tess, Ravi and many others each episode. Ideal for learners without much English language experience.


Watch – 'How to' videos. Check out our videos to see how to say things right in very different situations. New video every month.


Listen - I wanna talk about .... In this series of podcasts different people talk about things that interest them or interesting things they have done or seen.

Listen and Read - Magazine. A selection of recorded articles covering a wide range of topics of interest. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.


Watch - Overcooked. In this introduction to UK food, we take you on a culinary journey of the UK introducing you to some of the nation's favourite dishes.

Listen and Read. Stories and poems by writers as famous as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Tagore and Yeats, as well as stories by our own writers and readers.


Listen and Read - UK Culture. Find out all about UK contemporary culture by listening to our series of podcasts. Suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.


Word on the Street looks at how English works in everyday life and presents lively aspects of young British culture.

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Peter M

Hello Anh Dung Phan,

The phrase 'by any chance' is a polite formulation, used to make a...

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in my opinion, in the society, when people tell the trust or tell the lie, it always have some...

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Hi Everyone,

In the past, here in my country, we had viceroys but the people were against...

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