Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?




it was good practise for me. Thank's

Hi imet a friend after long time iam so happy to see my friend after long time

happy to be with u as a student.

I met my old friend at my work place. He came to my department in the hospital and I was happy seeing him after fifteen years.

Hi everybody,
When I was at University I mee Felipe, but when I met him he was serious and he didn't talk too much. Sometimes I felt that he ignore me and I got angry for that. Now we are couple and we have two kids.

I met one of my friend online.
When I was a university student, online chatting was in fashion.
After I met him three times in same online site by chance, we met face to face.
We talked a lot and we got to know that we have similar tastes in music, movie and many ways. before he found his girl friend, we were very good friends.
Although we were just friends, she didn't want him to meet me.

I met my old friend at high school when i went to the Tho Trang park on CMT8 street last weekend. We haven't seen together since we left from high school. I felt so happy. We talked to each other about our current life and told about our memories at high school. We gave each other cell phones to contact in future.

hi i'm sorry for my bed English, but I don't know how to explain.I have an incident ,I was ride bike on bike path and the other person who was coming out of the opposite direction who also ride bike,she came to my side,despite my signal and warnings, we lightly crashing :) of course we were each other shouting that we broke the rules,But soon we calmed down. Nowadays we are good friends.

people run over there in the park
please explain the usage of "over there" "over here"

"I need to bring my books over here "and " I need to bring my books here"
whats is the difference between these two sentence , is it correct or not?