Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?





I have a question this time. At the end of this dialogue, a waitress said to Julia, "Thank you, Madam." But she is young and single, so I thought she should say "Thank you, Ms(or Miss)" instead. Do you agree? or Is it common in Britain to say "Madam" to any woman? Please let me know.

Hello Tomoaki Hachiya,

She could also have said 'Ms' or 'Miss', and probably most of the time you're right, 'Madam' would not be used, but it is not incorrect: 'Madam' can be used in situations when we want to be polite, so it is appropriate in restaurants, particularly fancier establishments.

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Thanks a lot. Your comment is detailed and really kind, more than dictionaries available for me. Thank you again and I appreciate your support!

It was one time. After having a drink at coffee shop. I and my friend wanted to pay but I found i let all my money at home, so i said, i'll pay at next time.

I'll pay. This is my gift to you :))

It's a really embarassing situation when a guy can't pay for a meal with his girlfriend. This is happened to me once.

It's happened with me on a date. I felt ashamed and my friend paid the bill.

When I was young, someone stole my wallet in a restaurant and I could not pay the bill

This situation is very wrong!.

Sometimes, when I going to pay the lunch, I look my wallet and my debit card is not here.