Stephen and Ashlie realise they have quite similar ideas about what their Mum would like, but Ashlie soon gets distracted from the task in hand!


Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.




Yes, I do. Frequently i go to buy somethings. I prefer to buy clothes and shoes, I loveee shoes. There are in Brazil many location shops, it's a wonderful place to visit.

I am from Montenegro. But now I live in Poland. I shopped regulary in my country. I suppose, there aren't so big choice of products like in Britain.

I am currently living in Brazil, however I was born in Colombia, we have some similar markets and you always could negotiate the sales price, in fact, it could be said that renenogiate is a part of the colombian people culture so the vendor makes his calculations based on that, so the final decisionl is up to the buyers.

Yes, I do. I live in Brazil. I use to buy vegetables, rice, etc. London`s market are a group of differents business in only one place. Some of them are located in open areas. Usually on the street.
Brazilian`s market are individually stores. There are Shopping Centers but it is a different kind of market. Thanks!

I'm brazillian and this course is helping me a lot, thanks!

I guess, in my country, the market is totally different, because here, everybody wants to take advantage over buyers, and sometime it is almost impossible to get some discounts. In London, for example...I love to go shopping there, because the price almost ever is stamped in front of the product that we are looking for, and sometimes is expensive, but you have opportunity to negotiated the price with the vendor.... but everything's in transparent way.... being opposite of brazilian vendor.

I live in São Paulo Brazil and in my city they have some very nice fairs like the fair of the artesan in the square of the Republic and the stores of the street 25 of March

Sorry that my comment is not quite related to the subject. I just wanna get your help, please.
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Thanks in advance.

actually i live in Jordan and to be honest i think that we do have some similar markets as te markets in britain and usually i do shopping from these kind of markets