Listen to Emily talking about the importance of managing her stress levels and the techniques she uses.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


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Hello bella jas,

If the topic of your presentation is open, i.e. you can choose, I'd recommend you choose a topic that interests you. It's also usually a good idea to choose something specific. For example, a presentation about a certain breed of cat is probably easier to prepare than a presentation about cats in general. I'm not sure how long it's supposed to be or what other guidelines you have, but I'd also think about those when you choose a topic.

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why is third answer is answer no 2.the speaker says if you are too busy try to cut1 or 2 activity in a day

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Cutting one or two activities is different from reordering your day. If you reorder then you do things in a different sequence, but still do all of them. The speaker suggests cutting activities, which means not doing them.

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thank you peter M for clearing my doubt

Most of my life is completely peaceful and I smile a lot. But there’s also some situations that make me stress. In that case I try to speck with my boyfriend, try to understand this situation and make my own conclusions. His support helps me to get calm.
Yes, I found it very helpful. As for me, the easiest action is “relax”, because I know how to find harmony in my life.
I think that stress destroys me and takes me a few steps backward.

when I have stress I first try not to think about my problems and just go out to meet some new people.Talking with unknown people helps me to realize how big the world is and how nonsignificant my problems are.Then I say to myself Don`t be silly.Next I have some rest (swimming,walking,watching and listening sea,going to the bathhouse...).Finally I sleep a lot.Do nothing is the worst when you have stress ,in my opinion.

Hi teacher,
I've got a doubt with the phrase "...just sleep it when you feel enough."
What or who does "it" refer to?

Hi Sonia,

This is also unclear to me. The Transcript reflects what the speaker says, which is actually a little confusing as she seems to change direction in mid-sentence. I think what she is saying is 'just sleep until you feel [it's] enough'.

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Thank you very much Kirk

sonia i have answer for you
in this case you have to give me the sentence that came before this one to tell you "it" what or who refer to because your sentense not really clear am waiting for you harry up to give you the ansewer