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Coventry City F.C.

Listen to Neil talking about Coventry City Football Club and why he's a loyal supporter.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Why not Russian Language?

Are you asking why there isn't a Russian version of LearnEnglish?
I think my colleagues at British Council Russia are working are one, but it's quite a big job and they're quite a small team.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi there!
Need some helps!!!
I want to visualize(listen 2) the video in here(watch and listen), and I can't. I cant even download them.
Would somebody text me how to get them?
By the way, "LearnEnglish, BritishCouncil" is a great site!!!
( I m new here!!!)Cheers!!!

Hi Odilson,
We're happy to hear that you like LearnEnglish! There isn't any video on this page - only audio.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I have a big problems which i want to share you people and hope so you will provide a right solution for me. When i try to reed some things then its look that i dot now nothing so the some time my mind memorizing words which decrease my capabilities because i remembered when i was in school we people just memorized the essay even we did not the meaing of that easy.So same problems still i am facing here.
can you help me that i can avoid and prevent myself by just memorized the sentences.

Hello asifbox1!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, here and below. First off, you're not alone having trouble with writing! Many of my students here in Taiwan also had to memorise sentences and essays when they were in school, even if they didn't always understand them.
To avoid just using memorised sentences, you need to find different ways to practice your writing. My students like to keep diaries to practice - different things happen every day, so it's hard to rely on memorisation! You can write answers to the discussion questions here on LearnEnglish; you won't have memorised possible answers to all the questions! 

Also, try to read as much as you can in English. This will help your vocabulary and grammar without you noticing - and we have plenty of material here on LearnEnglish.
Hope that helps, and good luck!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Greeting to every one who using this wonderful and amazing website to improve their English by doing a bit hard work but with a great fun and joy.I am so glad that i got full score this time even though i was think that might be i could not get the full but its astonishing for me.
well most of people i have seen in UK likes to watch or play football because its a great game which keeps and make people emotional than cricket.
i remembered when i was in school i used to play football with my friends in break time but often time we used to play cricket because in Asia the most people like cricket.But if I compare both games to each other then obviously i can say that football is much better game because its take much less time to finish and get the result that who win or lost but in cricket you have to wait for 5 days to see who going to win but i think most of time the test cricket end with out wining by any side.But nowadays mostly people like to watch Twenty cricket because every player   try to play and hit ball in right direction and make maximum score as he also takes less time to finish and give quick result .the main features in this game which every body can see is that who is going to make fast score by playing less balls.thus why as compare the oneday match most players hit 6s or fours.Every player form both side try to play very well by facing the less number of balls.
In the end its my deep request to teams that after receding my short essay which i try to explain as much as i can do can tell me that at which level i am? And what do you people advice me to get the quick fluency especially in writing because when i try to write some thing then all i cant find any suitable words in my memory and also some time i cant make proper phrase.

I have lived in Coventry for 2 years.I have completed my Masters in Computer science in Coventry Uni.I love Coventry its calm city.I had a job in Banbury.
I have a small request to British Council.We Indians have many doubt about England Cricket team.Can you make one Podcast about the English Cricket?I am not so interested in football.
The Indians believe that Cricket is a very popular game in England but in my experience I felt like British people are not interested in Cricket ,instead they love football.
I have asked some British people about it but many of them do not even know how play it.
Please kindly make a video about the English Cricket team

now is 10:15am here. i find the refreshing rate is kind of high. a bit of hunger so get some food first.

the national team of china ranks 80 or sth, i don,t know. unluckily, i can,t make it as many people, which is supporting their team no matter how disppointing the results are. getting admitted to the world cup is the top priority in most fans' heart, if there still would be fans. i think the only chance for china team to get qualification in the next fews decades is to hold the event, i mean it!!