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Hello! Everyone
Even though British English is different from American English. Some words are the same meaning but we write or speak we use different words but the same meaning. I like British English and I have learned a lot experiment

guys i'm new here and i don't know where nor how to ask questions about grammar, but i have this grammar course where they gave us a homework to search about and couldn't find anything ' why does the verb phrase in "i stayed up to see the film" contain two processes while " i started watching the film" contain one process also whether " the driver appeared to stop and check the map" two processes or one and why? thank you so much for helping and sorry if it's the wrong place to ask i apologize

Hello rin,

Our English grammar pages are the best for a question like this, though I don't think you'd have found an answer there. I think it'd be best to ask your teacher to explain this a bit more. Perhaps they meant that the actions of 'staying up' and 'seeing the film' are two separate actions, whereas 'started watching' is really one -- 'start' doesn't mean much in itself, it's part of the action of watching.

If that's what they mean, then I'd say the other sentence has two processes (stopping and checking).

I hope this helps you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

See the problem is, the teacher doesn't know the answer so told us to search for it *facebalm* . So does that mean it's he stopped and he checked? Like there's a subject ommited that's why it's two processes? , i think your answer is very helpful actually, I really can't thank you enough ^^ , I checked the grammar page but I didn't find anything unfortunately. But again thank you, really I appreciate it.

I think the most effective way for me to learn languages is by forcing myself to read newspapers and also listening to music is very useful way

i agree with you the easiest tips of learning English language self enforcement for regularly if this become for you favorite he or she will became language familiar.

Sorry al audio didn't supported I can't listening audio

Hello Nona31,

Have you tried downloading the audio? If you press or right-click on the words Download audio 2.9MB (right click & save) above Task 1, perhaps you can download the mp3 and listen to it. I'd also recommend trying a different browser or device to see if that works as well.

If you still can't download or listen to the audio, please let us know what browser and browser version you tried so we can look into it further.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I want to learned more lenguages because you can go to others places and now more of diferent countries and i like so much english and i will like to now more