Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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I love to live with my parent. When i am a child they provide me everything what i needed. I think at older age, every parent need company of their children to share their feelings.


 I would prefer to live with my parents because they need my care as they have cared me in my childhood.
Although money is a crucial factor for me to decide move out or not but i will try my best to handle this situation within the circumstances.They young people who live with their parents don't feel any inconvenience to live with their parents or the affection of their parents compensate their inconvenience but the reason in the vice verca  society is that the young ones probably want to minimize the burden  of their parents and wanna learn to face the hardships of the life independently,  Here the role of the government is very important which provides opportunities for its young nations to plan their future independently.The family tradition also play a vital role in doing so.
        This listening activity is a blessing for those who wanna survive with emerging global culture. I am very thankful of the British Council,especially the team which is working for it and designed it.
Azeem Hassan

I prefer living with my parents as it brings happiness to me when I'm with the beloved ones. There's no other place that can be felt as home as my home. A house with warmth, love and happiness makes a home. I hope everybody like to stay at home.
There are many situations when you think about to move out. Among them, money is an essential factor which should be considered. One cannot live at a place if the place is too expensive to be paid by his income.
In the culture in which people tend to live with their parents before or even after getting married, they are tightly bounded by their feelings of security, love and warmth in the family and by their teachings that one should pay back parents' profound gratitude by caring for and helping the old parents. Traditional value affects some extent to this but mainly it depends on whether they have this feeling at home or not.
This listening activity is great. Now, I knew how one try to survive to live on his own.

  I rather living with my parents care. Who doesn`t like to be fussed over.  However money might be an issue to sort of live you wanna be. Whatever your religion or type family you are in it would be a big jump for life. Going through tough matters in early life can lead you to a high advantage in the future. You will be ready to overcome what come ahead. 
 I really found this activity useful. I know there might be some  mistakes in my comment, but
it`s through mistakes that you may improve your abilities. Thanks a lot!

I prefer living with my parents,because I can look after them.

Here in El Salvador, it is not very usual people move out from their parent's home, except when they are going to get married or something like that...
Like in Asia countries we take care of our old parents and belong to the family until their dead...

i think wich may be nice whether the young person have money enought  and get  more careful about yourself, your behavior in that condition must be very responsabile....against, can be awful!