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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Currently I live with my daughter and my wife in my own house, but when I was young I had help from my family. When I was 19 year old I moved out of town to study and I went to live with my aunt, she helped me a lot.

Yes money always helps you to decide if you want to move out or not. If I had a lot of money. I would change to a better place in another city.

I prefer to live on my own because I need more privacy.
the money is not a problem cause i can apply for any jobs to earn living .
i think the young people who tend to live with their parents before they get married is from traditions of the country .
u think this listening activity is wonderful !

I am considering the structure "if -but" of this sentence: "Well I don’t know if my parents like it but I can tell you my parents support and respect my decision". Can someone help me explain it? Thanks.

Hello nguyenhao,

I wouldn't say that 'if' is part of a structure with 'but' in this sentence. Instead, I'd look at it as 'X but Y'. In this case, X is 'I don't know if ...' and Y is everything after 'but'.

Does that make sense? Please don't hesitate to ask us more if it's not clear to you.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

In Spain we have family values similar to they're presents in the audio, but in the last times it's more usual that young people move out of his parents house, usually because they go away to study or to start his first job.
I think is very good for the self-growing to move out, but It worry me a bit about if the trade-off could be a little loosing of traditional family values.
In my way the traditional family values are very useful to achieve the happiness in your whole adult life, when you make your own family and after. All members in a family has a cross responsibility about the other members, and this fact is very useful for your life, because you aren't alone in front of the troubles and you have people to share your happy moments.

Thank you for the task! It is very interesting to read all those comments, because they was written by different people from different countries with their own cultural diversity :) It is like i am a part of big internetional family. So sad that this web hasn't any chat. Meet a foreign friend is my dream ;)
About living on your own. So in my homeland we don't have reasons or traditions which could stop us in that decision. To live by your own is considered like a success for any student. Of course, if i can move out , i'll do it. But i will always keep in touch with my parents and help them if it needed.

Thanks for this lesson:)
Was very intresting to listen your audio.

Thanks for sharing the audio, I like it....
Personally, I think it's good to move out and living on your own. I'm a village girl. But I'm moving out far from my family to study, even then I was only 18 years old. but I can handle things very well coz I have experience living on my own for 2 years. Sometimes it may be troublesome, you can be miss your family, can be sad, hungry. lonely.etc.. in your room but trust me it may worth. Living on your own without family you can be independent, make your own decision, gain your personal space, solve problems by yourself.. it would be good experience... In Vietnam- my country most of people prefer to live with their parent than moving out. There are sevaral resons behind. In the city's rent is very expensive and it's difficult to find a good place to live with good price. Secondly, they affraid troublesome, they affraid can be hungry,... and they think money is a crucial factor to decide to move out or not. but with me money is just a important thing we need. it's not a crucial factor in my desicion. and if you really want living on your own there will be away.

i agree with u

in most of our country family planning i still a problem, for example we are 11 children born and we have house of 4 chambers and our land is less than 2 ha. so, a child for above 15 if he get possibility choose to begin his new life alone but girls stay at home until she get married