Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


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i want to learn english. I...don't know how...

Hello socolachanh,

Please see our Help page, where you can find some advice on how to use the site to improve your English. It's also a good idea to explore LearnEnglish using the menu at the top (Home, Listen & Watch, etc.).

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i don't understand. i can't... it's difficult

hi , don't worry.
if you have enough times, don't be hurry, take you time, learn a little everyday, and to love it.

Hi socolachanh,

You could refer to" big city and small world" for helpful lesson. That is real comunication on life which british council used to teach and I realy like it. Hopely,it's useful to you.

Hi socolachanh,

I'd recommend you try something a little easier like the Elementary Podcast Series 3 Episode 1. First, listen to the recording a couple of times. Then download the Transcript (in pdf format under Instructions & downloads) and read the Transcript while you listen. Use the dictionary to learn new words. Then try the exercises. If you learn from it, continue with Series 3 Episode 2, and so on.

And please ask us if you need some help.

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I prefer living on my own because I'm married and I have childrens. But if I can, I'd live with my parents too. Big families are interesting.
So, money is a crucial factor of course but not only. It's mostly need freedom.
Why in some cultures do young people tend to live with their parents before they get married and others not? To what extent is this affected by traditional family values?
In some cultures, it's considered inappropriate to leave parents when do not married. i'ts because of traditionnal values but also cost of living.

What do you think of this listening activity?

In my opinion having your own apartment requires more responsibility because management is important to prevent future problems, but above all learn to take care of yourself. "The law of life"

Best wishes

Hi everyone.
I've been in UK five times but I remember best the last one nearly two months ago. It was January and It was freezing cold but we wore loads of clothes (coats, gloves, scarves, warm boots...). We stayed in Nuneaton (Warwickshire) with a british friends for 5 days and we also visited Birmingham. The previous time we was there, we visited London but it was summer and there was loads of peolple everywhere.... anyway, I'm afraid London is always a busy city. I'm going to come back to UK very soon because We are going to move out there in five months. I hope to improve my english level, above all my listening and comprehension... I
cross my fingers.

Hello everyone, I am from Honduras and I have been living by myself since I was child to be more specifit since I was 12 so for me it doesn't matter to be or not near to my family.. sometimes we need to challenge our future by ourself...