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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

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Upper intermediate: B2


ı'm denız from turkey.ı have a cat and ıt lives together wıth us.Actually ı have got two chıldren .They lıke ıt so much .Especially my son like ıt so much and he thınks ıt like hıs sıster.Our cat lıve wıth us since three years.when we found it .it was one day my son came in front of our house door wıth a cat in hıs hand.He had found ıt ın the street .He dıdnt want to leave agaın in the street.Because ıt was hungry and very cute.I allowed ıt just for one day .Then we had bath ıt.But then  we didnt leave ıt again in the street.that we liked it so day my cat lost .When ıt be lost My chıldren and I feel bad to much.My son and my daugter beganed crying.thıs nıgth they didnt any sleep and stayed ın front of wındow.later morning we look that our cat came again door of our house.But ıt had fıgth with other cats and ıt was ınjurec.immediately we treated ıts ınjurec.Agaın we were happy.

assalammu alaykum !!! DENIZ   >>>>>
I fully went through your very vivid and succinctly written story about your pet...
I am also extremely passionate to keep a pet in my house.....
Unfortunately,right at the moment my mother sees a cat,she became terrified and agitated,screaming and yelling others for help. I tend to be crazy,excessively funny,whenever I set my eyes on that of my mother's circumstance.But, I am still hoping against hope that the God will definitely impart a remedy for my folk....
Really hilarious uh !!!!!!!!!!!

hi, everyone. i can not listening you help me please?

Are you trying to listen by using the player or by downloading the audio? And what web browser are you using?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks for those audio it's very helpful for me to improve my English language.

Hi,,,everyone,,i love cuty cats....but my mom didnt not agree to buy cats:(:(.

hey, i am from india and on 9th there is my ielts exam,so please let me have someone who can chat with me

hi everyone 

i am new in this website my english language is very weak and i do not know how i will develop it . 

please i want help

hi i m the student of british council i have a problm to downloding videos

Hello Guljan

This is an audio file. There is no video to download here. Whenever there is audio to download, you will find the link underneath the audio player. 

If there are worksheets to download, you will find them near the top of the page by clicking on the 'Instructions & downloads' link. This will open up a box on the page where you'll find the links to the pdf files. 

At the moment, there is no video to download.



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