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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


hello everybody , I'm a student in institute of language and my level is intermediate but i can't speak very well 
 i don't know what do i do ,please help me..........................

 I really love cats. In fact i don't have one of them but I'm come from a small city and there i have two houses with yards. The both of them have yards, and there, i have two cats. I know how to look after them, carry, i know what to do if they're sick etc etc but my parents don;t let me buy one. It's not because they hate cats but because we don't have place to carry them, I don't have a big house or i can say a house with yard.
P.s(i leave in albania and i think you haven't heard about this state. So albania is in europe at the west side. :D) and another thing: i love this page :DDD

 Interesting game...I have a cat and I love... It it is so sweet !

urmm... i really love cat... my cat too loyal with my family and protect my house from mice and snake...

 lt was an interesting exercise ...l love dogs and cats a lot....they are two useful pets , l want to have a cat in my house , they are so sweety...Thank  you ....

this is the first time I've writen comment in this very useful website. I like cat so much. I have a cat in my house, too. It is a man, so cute... when i'am back home, he hides behind the door and suddendly catch me and climb up onto my clothes...ha ha...its face is so funny and seem to be very pleasant.

Hello, this is my first post :) I would like cats and dogs. Both are differents but complementary. I already has both. bye

cats are not indifferent.........i have two cats and they are lovely......they make me smile even when i'm veryyy sadd...i love themm........

Interesting !!

I love all the most animal. However I love dog more than another animal. Don't ask me why.