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My two cats

Listen to Dave talking about travelling to different countries with his cats.

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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello, in my case, I prefer dogs, I have a " handsome" dog called Bono, he's labrador retriever pedigree( guide dog) and he's loyal and affectionate. He's the perfect animal for children, he always want play with everybody, I think it's the reason why he never will be a good guard dog, but It doesn't matter..... I love him.
About cats, well I'd been scared about them, they're  unpredictables I never know if they want to play with me or just bite me or scratch me!!!!!. 
Kisses from Spain

Happy new year,
I'm a new comer.
Cat and dog are very different : dog is a good bodyguard which likes games and makes some noise while cat is calm and gives us a lot of tenderness.
I think both of them are complementary.

I think dog is friendlier than cat. I can play with my dog in my house, in the park and so on. Dog is more intelligent than cat. That's why I love my dog.

 i would like to go in spain.i like beeing there becouse i think that people are friednly,and becouse i like to meet football players of spain,or of barcelona such as david villa,fabregas etc.i agree with the phrase that the cats are indiferent and the dogs are loyal.i like dogs and  i have a little dog called Reksi.I love him.I hate cats....Thanks..Kisssssssss

l think l would like to go to SCHOTLAND for work and to  live. people are so nice and country is beatiuful. l have so many reasons to go there actually.Other thing is if l had a chance to  get a pet  ıt would be a dog becouse they are very loyal and listening you at least..

I have a cat too, her name is Sheela. She is a Siam. I like her, she is like a little dog. She speaks a lot to me, of course in her language, sometimes  I can't understand her, because it's necassary to be empathetic to the cat. If I am busy, I can't be empathetic.
But often I understand Sheela, she is a lovely cuddly cat
Cats are more easy going than dogs. I love cats.

In Russia  they say” it is good there where we are not present”I prefer working where I was
born. of course I would like to see new places and meet new people but as a
tourist.I like dogs I have two big asian sheepdogs. They are so goody-goody! Diana,Russia 

 I love England. I hope have a opportunity to study and work in England. I love Liverpool which famous by Anfield Stadium , the Cavern Club   the Liverpool university  and so on. 
I have a cat and a dog, In fact, Dogs more loyal and friendly than cat but I think cat is good, 
My cat name is Tieu Ho ( small tiger) and My dog name is Brush. When they played it's really fun . They are lovely and smart. 

Dogs are more preferable.  They helped man kind in different ways (e.g. Disaster Recovery, In detective department). Recently read a nice story about dog.  Red Dog (2002) is a short novel by Louis de Bernières charting the life of a popular dog, a "Red Cloud Kelpie" nicknamed Red Dog, in Karratha,Western Australia. 

I much prefer dog to cat. Dogs are human's most loyal friend, dogs help us a lot especially in the military, police and immigration, we also using dogs during disaster rescue operation, further more we usually bring dog beside us when go hunting. We can take the dog for a walk but cat. All in all, keeping dog is more interesting than keeping cat.