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Listen to Hermia talking about why she loves the band Radiohead.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Yes, I like indie music. i think is more uplifting than pop.
My favorite kind of music is reggae.
Music in my life is very important, mostly because I conduct a radio show.

I think this girl is on drugs :D no, no I'm just kidding, I also love to listen some depressive music :D kidding again :D
Actually I think, that band called Stone Roses is a far better band than Radiohead and they played similar music, same Genre.
And one more thing, this "Radiohead girl" has soothing voice, and I like her.
Greetings from Bosnia

The speaker's voice sounds like Kathllen's from Teen Mom :)).

:) I agree with you. Her voice is soothing. I also like. 

I prefer to hear another kind of music like Pop for example.
Elvira Yaghmour

I don't like radiohead!!! but in my opinion this kind is very useful for us!!!
I like it!!!!

I am very keen on Radiohead, it was a Pretty good exercise that gives you new vocabulary and broadens your listening a bit.......


In my opinion indie music it’s an example of passion and vocation. For this reason, people who also appreciate music, support these groups.On the other hand, my taste in music can be described as eclectic, with some exceptions of course. But I have to say that Radiohead it´s a band with excellent musicians who can produce relaxing melodies; and it usually helps with the lifestyle that we have in big cities.

I don't love Radiohead but they have good songs. I think this kind of exercises are good for new vocabulary and listening skills. 

I really like Radiohead music but if we talk about England's bands I prefer Coldplay, they're my favorite band in the  whole word !! . I liked  the activity so much, i got a lot of new vocabulary but the first  task question was a disaster, the other was perfect !!