Listen to Jonathan talking about why he prefers to buy records.

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Hi there
I was a DJ, whell in actually I still playing the turntables but not like a professional... When i was 16 I bought my first turntables and my first vinyls! i really enjoy the sound that It makes, I can change the pitch! the tone and the velocity... It's funny! I played in some discos here in Barcelona, but the reallity it's  difficult to fine a disco with a couple of turntables... the normal equipment are 2 CDJ or a PC... With this all the people can be a DJ hahahaha!! 
I'm new here, my english is not quite good but i'm gonna pratice and learn It! piano piano!
Many thanks,

I remenber vinyl record had two formats. 33s 45s. The first one has many melodies and the second just two. One on each face. I haven't seen again 45s vinyl record on shops.

When i was young I listened to vinyl record. I rememenber my father liked to buy it. We didn't have many of them because it was expensive. I agree that vinyl record is another kind of product.

I was reading some information about it. As I see, the vinyl has more fidelity than a CD. However, when I used to listen to vinyl records, there was a little sound induced by the needle (as if something is dragged), which is reproduced through the speakers.
I have not listened any vinyl record for a long time!!!

Hello, personally I never listened to a vinyl record, and I don't know the difference between them and the cd's. And I don't know if it sounds better than an MP3. In general I like all kind of music, from any culture or any country. I don't have any favorite record cover, but I have some favorite singer like Celine Dion. I think this listening activity is very interesting because it show us a different refashion ship with music, a different point of view.

 it's good.I want you make big ward in  Expression

I want to thank you alot for your effort in helping us learn English.

it's great ,i have studied so much,i still continue .What about you?let's try to oneself's hobby.

With a their millennium D.J. I got the chance to listen up to a vinyl record. I can notice the fidelity difference with CDs but also value how it can be manipulated, say, to entertain a party. I also value this exercise because makes one exercise contemporary history. Worldwide civilization is not forward-looking at all; it just enters the future backwards ruling out serious history.

Hi, I had already forgotten vinyl records, and thanks to this class remembered them and will take some of the attic to show them to my children.
greetings and thanks.