Talk about: Coventry City football team

Check out when Neil started his love affair with the Coventry City football team.

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Task 1

Comprehension Check

Test yourself to see how much you understand.

Read the sentences and decide if they are true or false.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


in my country we dont have a good football league
so we watching premier legue
and for me the best team is Liverpool 

in my country we dont have good football league

very interesting......

 unfortunately ,my country's league's level is very poor.but  i still back my city's team. i hope country's team will enter into world is my favoritest though i  don't like play it.

My favorite team is Arsenal i love them really very much specially when Thierry Henry was there and i really hope that he will be back for the mercato. I think that Arsenal's team play very well football i love them deeply in my heart

ı don't understand to football :D

i m proud of my national football team.they played well in the worldcup espesially vs england

 hey all, im new here :) my English is perfect but i just want to improve it... :) 

watching on the tv is much exciting because we can see the game  at a close distant. Liverpool my favorite team since my primary school days. waiting for the comeback  as a champion.

I don't support the strong team that always wins. Usually I would support a weaker team because there is a lot of joy and satisfaction when the underdog wins. Thank you.