Talk about: Vinyl

Jonathan talks about why he insists on buying vinyl records even though downloading music and listening to iPods has become so popular.

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Upper intermediate: B2


many, many times a go my mother bought a vinyl record for my brother its name was Greese, and it was a great record, because all the songs were well knon because the movie. I remembered that the cover of the 2 disks has the lyrics of each song inside.
i like several songs of the 80's like sindy lupper for example,
I agree with the writer the music has become in nothing else that "information", but in the other hand it is great that many people around the world can make music and brodcast throu the internet, no matter if the music it is good or bad, we don't need anymore that someone else decide what kind of music the people must to listen ....

When I was a child, in our home had a little device to heard vinilos. We do not have a lot of music, so we have to hear again and again the same songs. Basically, the variety is composed by military compositions and music for children. But, for us, it was wonderful try put the discs inside the machine! We have to be in mind that we don not have luck in this process, and we lost a couple of intersting vinilos.
Another game, very popular inside our room, was throw to the air the disc (I can not remeber the name of this game righ now). There was a litte problem with this enthusiastic "sport": vinilos ended scratched and mom had disadvantages to start her favorite songs...
Related with the sense of music, I think music is art, and this expression has different responses in the individuals. So averybody can have their own interpretation about styles or melodies; thus, you have your oppinion and it must be respected, as well, different forms of artistic expressions.

That's why I love British Council learning materials! Because of such articles learning english became pure pleasure. Interesting, emotional text, and because of that every single word soaks up easily. Thanks! More like this.

Such a good topic!!! Thank you!
Really, for people of previous generations vinal plays an important role in their lifes. I understood it after listening! It's a part of life. And mainly, vinyl is a memory  because it brings them back to the past. We're young generation and we also have certain memories when we listen to music on MP3s, for example, but when you keep a subject - vinyl, and you can listen to it, I think, it's another feeling. 

In my opinion - it is important for people who own these records (vinil) is the process of possession of the record and pleasant memorials concerned with it...

you are wrong it is old fashioned

material possessions are old fashioned... in music field.

Arenot u old man

nice talk

best sound for lisening blues or jazz is on vinyl
it vorks as it should