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Intermediate: B1


I traveled two times when I was kids, I want to travel again

Yes,I have travelled several times by air.The longest flight I have taken was from YinChuan to Nairobi,transferred from Dubai International Airport.

Hello. Sometimes I travel by air. My longest flight was for 3 hours.

Yes, I already travelled by air. I tried the international and domestic flights for a couple of times and it's always amaze me. The longest flights that I experienced was about 14 hours trip going to U.S. together with my family and it was a very exhausting flight when we arrived in our destination.

Hey guys, sure I have travelled several times and my longest flight was from Caracas to Madrid.

Yes, I had indeed, many times. The longest flight I haven taken was from Brazil to London, it took around 12 hours, because was a directly flight.

Yes the longest I've taken was from Guinea To Gabone

Oh yes I often flew. The longest way was from Germany to Brazil

Yes, I have. The longest flight I have taken is from Athens airport to Edinburgh.