Learn words for things in bathrooms by doing these exercises.


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In an apartment where I am living these days, there is no shower but most of other equipment are available for example a shower and a tap both with hot and cold water, there is also a washbasin , a towel , toothbrush as well as toothpaste. oh I can't forget my blind mirror.

There are two bathrooms in my house,one small and one big.The small one has a washbasin,a mirrol and a shower.Near the washbasin there are some toiletries,such as soap,shampoo and toothpaste.The big one is upstairs,and there is a big bath in it.

There is a bathroom in my house. There is a washbasin, a shower, and a mirror. We don't have a bath, because it is expensive and big.

In my flat is a bathroom with a shower and bath, toilet and washbasin. Also I have a little Bathroom, only with a toilet and a washbasin. The litter pan is also standing there

Our bathroom is just like any regular bathroom from anyone. I think the only difference was we've got two half bathrooms, where the larger bathroom placed at the master's bedroom and the other one is near in our living room. Both of them have tap, washbasin, toilet and shower but the larger one has bath.

Only one. emmmmmm...

There are two bathrooms in my house. In each bathroom, there is one washbasin, one mirror, and one shower. We don't have a bath in the bathroom because the space is not enough to built a bath. In the future, I will install loudspeaker to enjoy music in the bathroom which is located in my master room in the house. That is my plan I can do in the bathroom.

we have only one bathroom in our house,and it doesn't have a bath,just a shower ,washbasin and toilet. of course we got the toothbrush ,shampoo,soap and bulabula

I have three bathrooms in my house. One is big but two are small. There aren't no bath tub . There are showers, washbasin, toilet and tap.

I live in a flat and i have got just one bathroom. It's enough for living in a flat of cource. And i envy you a little big, who's written about having houses.It must be great!) I'd love to live in a house too.