Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.


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Intermediate: B1


I feel really good with going to the dentist or to any health center. Often I go there to realize check up and prevention so my goal is "prevent better than cure".
Sure I've used each things of this list but my behaviour tend to use it the less I can.

Hi sir,
Could you tell me about the structure of the below sentence.
Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.
I men that 'which part of the sentence is subject or verb or infinitive and....



I hate injections!

I afraid injection.

the doctor works together with nurses to treat patients by providing necessary health care. Drugs or medicines can be used with the intravenous way or orally.
A dressing is used to cover an injury in order to keep it clean.

yes, I use tablets, bandage, plaster, injection.

I used to feel nervous about going to the dentist when I was younger, but now, with all the new ways of numbing the parts of the mouth that need to be treated, I do not fear anymore. But, on the other hand, going to the doctor it might makes me feel unconfotable, as the last year I spent three months in the hospital, taking lots of medicine, and one injection, every day, for seven monts, that after geting out for the hospital, I had to administer to myself by my own. I am a nurse so when I have to treat other people, I have no problems, but, when I see a needle and I know it will be used on my body, an uncomfortable starts occurring in my mind.

Today, i was in the doctor because the company where I work sended us for annual checks and routine examens of health. I think it is very important for to know how is our health and to correct problems at time.

I don't like to go to the doctor or dentist, I only go when it is necessary, I have used all the things in the list, specially tablets and injections, because I have problems with my lungs and I need to use tablets all the time.

thank you doctor