Stephen takes Ashlie out for lunch at their friend Tristan’s café. They enjoy themselves, but don’t manage to eat!

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I often do favours for my friends. I am naturally inclined to offer help and support to those around me, particularly to my nephew, my nieces and my friends.
I have always helped a lot of people with their job or their studies.

Well, it's a good question. Actually, I am a person who likes to help people and offer the ability and time to make the life of my friends easy. For the second question, the answer is yes, long time ago may be more than 15 years a close friend of mine asked me to help him in preparing his new pharmacy just days before opening, and of course I did. I spent two days arranging the stands and shelves, receiving the stocks from the suppliers, and making the brochures and fliers for him. At the opening day, I was standing beside him enjoying the celebration of starting his new job as an owner of the pharmacy.

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I didn't got really well why Tristan have used the past form in this expression (I’ve just got to pop out to the supermarket) even tough he didn't do that already.
And about almost at the end of the episode, Ashlie says (I thought it was going to be a lot harder) using the past "was" preceded by the future form "going to" really intersting! : )

I look forward to hear you and thank you so much for all your support.

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I’ve just got to pop out to the supermarket: this is not past form. It's the structure 'have got to', in the contracted form. So you say "I have got to go" or "I've got to go", that is the same of "I have to go". About 'I thought it was going to be a lot harder', that's the future in the past, used to express the idea that in the past you thought something would happen in the future.

No,I don't but I help them when they are getting trouble with something.
Yes,I helped my uncle. He's a grocer.

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I sometimes do favours for my friends and sometimes I help my father for his work presentations.

I love help people so when i see someone who need help i always help them

sometimes I do favours for my friends.
No I have never helped someone with their job.