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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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Intermediate: B1


I used to have many online friends. I was a member of a forum. A forum is a virtual place that many people write about different things it has different sections , each section is allocated to a subject for example art, science, etc.
I was chatting with people on that forum about 3 years and I made friends with them . Moreover we connected to each other with yahoo messenger too.
I met some of those forum members several times but I've never seen some of them. then the forum was filtered and simultaneously I started working and I stopped visiting that forum, so I gradually forget those people some of them had my number and called sometimes but after one or two years we were totally disconnected.
I still remember those days .Those people were really important to me then, and I was thinking of them all the day but now I don't have any feeling to them. This is the life the people who are very important to you today maybe be strangers in future.
Now I use Instagram, Telegram, whatsApp to connect to my friends or my familly I' m not interested in find a friend in virtual world anymore. I'd rather spend my time with real people in the real world

Hello everyone, I don't have lots of online friends. I just only add the account whose is my friend or my partner in real life. The friendship on the internet is very different from real life because you can't believe or share anything with a stranger who you don't know in real life. Everything can be fake from social media. We should appreciate people around us in real life. But I still have an exception, I have had a friend on Skype for 4 years, until now, sometimes we talk and share about work, life, study...and motivate each other even when I have never met him in real life. So interesting. I think everything has advantages and disadvantages too.

hello.. actually i am’t sure about uses of social media...but i think it depends on what we do and how we use it..for me when i feel nervous about it i do inactivate to my account..and go to take some fresh air and have fun

Hi , i don’t know if i am getting better with lessons..but i feel like i can’t organize my time in learning ..
so can you give me advice..like "how many hours should i take , and what should i focus in it ?"

Hello eldi,

I can't give you any really specific information because I don't know you well enough. I don't know how you learn, what your strengths and weaknesses are and how busy you are. In general, the more time, the better. However, motivation is important and spending too long doing something can mean that you get tired or bored. I think it's helpful to organise your time so that you study regularly, and to study in a place where you will not be disturbed. At the moment, for example, I'm learning German and I make sure that I have some time each day for study. During that time I turn off my phone and make sure that no emails or messages can interrupt me. If I feel tired then I stop.

We have a page with some tips and suggestions for learning English here.



The LearnEnglish Team


About my social networking activities:

I've thought it would be a good idea to communicate via facebook and later on skype. A few hours after I have filled in the form with my name, email and set my settings the access to facebook was prohibit. They believe that I'm not the person who is accessing their site. I haven't posted anything and I hadn't had any friends on facebook. I've just dowloaded two times a picture from me for my profile and searched the words 'British Council' several times. I was looking for Elementary Podcast.
Meanwhile I've sent facebook a copy of my identity card and an explanation why my email address is real. It seems to me that they don't need me as a member. People have more than 2,000,000,000 profiles on facebook. I would prefer to use facebook with my real name but I may use it later with a fake name. Meanwhile I've enough to learn so I don't care about it now.

I have very few friends in online none of them I met in real life, in the internet it is simpler to make friends and to communicate with people, but it's different experience than in real life.

Hello folks,
I have account on Facebook too , but I don´t use it so much and I just use to do a networking because nowadays you can´t avoid this kind of digital media , I do believe that on social media people have a lots of notorious and known not a really friends , in your entire life you can count your really friends just on finger of hands

Hello, Everyone.
I have an account on Facebook. but I don't update my page nowadays. I have so many friends on Facebook. Unfortunately, it's not like my real life. I don't have so many friends in my real life. but it's not disappointing for me.

Glad to have a platform like this. I want to know the difference between "Got" and "Became"? For example, we use "God became pleased" or sometimes we use "God got pleased". Which one is better or if one of them is incorrect then do educate me. Thank you.