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Do you want to slim down? Get some tips from Annie as she has tried various ways of losing weight.

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I'm fat, which makes me feel rich!
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Good Blog useful information for weight loss for all people , it helping me to keep the body fit, and i am trying other method as well which i saw in one of the website >> w------------ c o m << it also helped me to keep the fit with diet I hope it will help others as well, thank you

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I am trying to lose weight since last year but always failed because I am a food lover and I can't stop thinking about food. In fact, I am not a veggie lover :D!
But I am trying to be a veggie lover <3

I have tried to slim down sometimes, but don't had much patience. The best time for slim down was when I join a gym. Now I don't go to the gym, but in exchange many days go for a walk in the countryside over an hour. Anyway I think the best possible way for slim down, apart from exercising, is have a good diet and eat less and reduces alcoholics drinks.

Best regards

Hello !I am a skinny girl and i have never got face up to weight problems.From my point of view it is important to take care of our weight and heath .The most effective method by far is to go to the gym and in the same time you have to eat healthy food.

Totally agree.
I don't want to be a overdoer, though! ;)

Very nice text. I agree .

The question whether being slim can boost your self-esteem is a really good question. I individually always feel self-esteem because of, among other things, being slim. Thus, it is understandable that I totally agree with this statement. Let me explain why the slimness can build our self-esteem.
The state of self-esteem is defined as a feeling of being happy with your own character and abilities. With a slim body, you can wear any clothes you want without concern about the size. You can feel confident when walking on the street because no one can tease you about your weight. If you’re getting slim, it is more likely that you’ve got a healthy lifestyle. This results to the feeling of happiness and confidence inside you.
Of course, everyone has a “right to get fat” but I believe that the slimness is more better not only for your self-esteem but also for your health and quality of life.

Doan you are right, very nice text . I agree with you...:)