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Do you want to slim down? Get some tips from Annie as she has tried various ways of losing weight.

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we must admit, that the basic cause of the problem about  putting  on weight is, that people actually don't listen to their organism...I  mean, that we still continue eating when we already are "full"...if  we could stop having the "extra" meal for the pleasure of our mouth, we would never be in need of gym, diet and tens stuff like that. This is just the matter of our psychology.

I think it's very amazing talking about losing weight because in the same time many people are suffering of starvation.
It's really a topic bounded to wealthy societies. Considering this aspect perhaps it's a good sign. The sign that you have enough food to live.
I understand the pression that magazines, television advertisements and so on exert over young women, and it's surely difficult to avoid the pressure. But women must resist to the pressure. It's just a matter of money for the societies that sell diet methods. And more dangerous they can conduct certain fragile young women to commit suicide as the speaker says.
Our world is large enough, everybody has a place in it. Variety, not only in terms of cultural meanings but also in terms of different types of human beings : short, long, slim, overweight, is beautiful.

Hi, I hope to loosing weight  drinking  one bottle of pure water three times per a day one hour before taking meals ..o.k.

I felt sorry for that girl. I think I am in a good shape now. I don't like to get weight any more. That's why I always try to eat less, but to do it very difficult for me. Because I like to eat chocolate and cookies. I would perfer to go to the gym or run in the park than to be on diet. It is healthier way to be a fit.

Hi, everyone! I agree with the writer when she says loosing weight helps you improve self-steem. She did not say that if you're overweight you don't have it. The idea is that loosing weight is not an easy task and when you try and succeed in doing it, you feel good about your acomplishment and about yourself. Eventually you may think you look better and feel healthier. How couldn't it affect one's self-steem? I have been on diets many times and believe that the best results come from a combination of eating healthy and balanced food, exercising in a pleasant way (it can't be an activity you dislike) and taking care of your mind. Keeping yourself busy to avoid thinking about food all the time is also helpful. When you loose extra weight, you will not only look better and healthier, but you will also feel great about yourself.

I'm sorry that a girl in the high school had committed suicide because she couldn't stand her peers' taunts of being fat. Actually, we shouldn't care other people's remark about us, after all we live for ourselves.
I beg to differ from the opinion of the author, my viewpoint is that we lose weight because of health concern and has nothing to do with boost one's self-esteem. Could it be said that fat person doesn't have self-esteem?
Certainly, we must think up a method to keep our body fit, but if the obesity is congenital or exist in early year then I think the problem can't be solved easily.

Very good thinking, I'm agree with you.

in fact i didnt consider yet to slim down my weight cuz i´m a good shape but i agree that doing exercise especially running is a effective method to get the fit,and similarly eating less to control your deit can help u alot ,but as she said if you are a good eater it may kill you ,but realy i´m disagree that being skinny can boost
your selfe.esteem that´s just false or probaganda hahaha only joiking

Hi , I'm very intrested with what you said about losing weight and actualy I try many ways , yes some times it works but the problem is I give up quickly speciale in losing weight hhhhhh nowadays I have a ways to losing weight so if it works I'll tel every boady hhhhhh bye bye