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Do you want to slim down? Get some tips from Annie as she has tried various ways of losing weight.

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Hi ssoniacs,

I'm afraid that's not correct. You can, however, use 'make' in a different way, in the construction 'make something happen':

It makes your self-esteem grow.

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Now I got it, thank you very much


well, to me, it was not only an interesting topic, but also taught me some new words
nowadays being fat is considered as a big problem everywhere not only in hong kong. anyways, there are too many ways to slim down, so it's all about the power of willing.

Hi Krik,

Thank you, its really good lesson for me to learn new phrases. I can speak English but not fluently.please can you give me a good advise to improve my English speaking. I've graduation from my native country and its been certified by UKNARIC. Now I want to work here but my speaking English is not quite good. Plz give me a good advise to improve to my English.


it's an interesting topic, Thanks... British Council .

Hi guys,
This is an fascinating topic. Losing weight always is a big problem with everyone and the methods of losing weight are usually debated, there are of course pros and cons. But I think there are two decisive factors that are people must persevere in a longtime and must control for consuming food.
I have a neighbor, she is quite fat. She knows her appearance by herself and she understand what can effect to her health if she doesn't slim down. But she accepts this true because she loves food and she doesn't persevere to do exercise everyday.
In my own experience, I practice qi gong 1 hour a day and I don't eat a lot, so I can maintain my weight well. You may know that metabolism and blood circulation are very important for your health. For physical activities, you should try whatever you like, if you don't like gym or run, you can choose other subjects that make you feel more attractive. Like me, I am passionate in qi gong, so I practice it regularly.
Some people like to go to beauty salon. Substantially it isn't an effective method, after doing it you still need to do daily exercise for remain your body shape, if you don't want to be fatter speedily. In addition, this way is also costly, there aren't many people can pay for it. I mean it a wasted way for unsustainable thing.
This is my own thought about this topic. I am looking forward to hearing your different opinions.
Many thanks!

Hi everyone,Im Mahtab.
unfortunately I love food! and I wanna sleam down but I could never do this!

Hi everyone.

I'm Hassan from Egypt.

I have been trying to slim down many times, with diet and work out by go to the gym and so on. But it does not work all the time, sometimes I get fat, even though I am on a diet. and also if I break my diet, I will get fat, it is so crazy. Nowadays, I am trying to slim down by do exercise daily at home.

In my opinion, I believe that to being skinny, it is important for confidence and self-esteem.

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