Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?



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Beginner: A1
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I met with my husband at 17 years old . we met at the party :)

It us nice story
I am single

I meet my husband in a party.

My son was a little boy and I was taking him to school. We stopped at the traffic light and while waiting the green light, we started to mimic a monkey. Suddenly I heard somebody calling me, was my co-worker. I felt very embarrassed, but later my son and I couldn’t stop laughing about the situation.

Excellent method for teaching English, i feel very happy.
Thanks a lot.

I met my ex-wife in internet.

I met my boyfriend many years ago in a small club in my city. We had had some friends in common. At the time, we were just friends, but we didn’t talk much. I went to study in another city and we didn’t see each other anymore. Some years later, I met him again. We feel in love and we have been together for eight years.

I met my old friend at the party of my big boss. I was very surprised to see her in that circostance. She said that she works for a partner of the my company and she follows the special events. Then, we have seen many times for a pizza or a dinner. I invited her at my home last week.

I met my wife at work. In a lunch meeting she got late and I didn't wanted to know anything about her. Then we started to talk, we got in love and we married.

i meet my wife in community development program after earthquake in Yogyakarta, we were both volunteer. that is special moment for us,, Btw are you know about Yogyakarta in Indonesia? i hope you have going there, this is beautiful place for holiday...