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Furnitures that I have in my bedroom are a double bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a mirror, two laundry baskets, two bookshelves, a desk, a chair, three big plastic boxes, one small plastic box, and one small cardboard.

In my bedroom, I have a double bed with a sheet and two pillows on it. I often sleep alone but sometime my younger brother go to bed with me so I always prepare 2 blankets in case it was cold. I also have a big wardrobe since I have lots of clothes. There is a lamp and a alarm clock on the bedside table which is next to my bed. I often use the lamp when I read books or play games before sleep. My alarm clock has Doraemon shapes and a wonderful sound to wake me up instead of the terrible one: ring...ring...ring... (I hate that). When the weather is getting cold, I use a small carpet to keep my feet warm since we don't have any vacuum cleaner and it is very hard to clean a large, big carpet without this thing. I used to have a chest of drawers but my younger sister use it now.

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In my bedroom, I have single bed, two pillows, blanket, wardrobe and mirror. My bedroom is one of my favorite place at home.

In my room, i have my bed and two bedside tables, in front of my bed i have my desk, my chair. above my desk i have a map fro my country and another from France. I have a bookcase next to my desk and a wardrove.
i have a small window behind my bed on the roof.
My romm is confortable and I like spending a lot of time in my room, i work and i sleep too. I think is my favourite place at home.

There are double bed, a chest of drawers, two bedside tables, a carpet, a blanket, two pillows and an alarm clock in my bedroom.

I have some types of furniture in my house: I have a double bed, a lamp, and a nice pillow almost all the time I use a blanket to cover me from the cold.

Thanks for helping me to remember this vocabulary.

i have soft billow and blanket.

I have a double bed and two pillows.

We have a double bed, a bedside table, 3 chests of drawers, 2 pillows, 1 painting