Do these exercises to learn words to talk about your bedroom.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


In my bedroom I have a single bed and a little carpet. I also have a duvet that I use to keep me warm rather than cover my single bed with.

In my room I have got a red beautiful carpet between two single beds one for me and another one for my roommate. there is a double wardrobe as we are two and also we have got two bedside tables as well as two chest of drawers where we keep small and sensitive accessories. we have got some lamps with different lighting intensity. on my bed I have bed a sheet which is slightly old. I have got three payers of duvet which I often use in normal conditions and I have two blanket to make me warmer during winter period. I only have one pillow

In my bedroom i have a double bed, two bedside tables, one chest of drawers, two pillows and a duvet. On the floor i have a carpet.

my bedroom has single bed, four pillows, two blankets and two wardrobe.

I go to the bedroom. I have a single bed. I and my son sleep a beautiful good. In the morning wake up with the alarm clock.

Hello all,
In my bedroom I have a single bed with a pillow and a blanket. In my wardrobe I hang my clothes. I have a grey carpet but I don't have a bedside table.

I have a double bed and some duvet and pillow and branket and and sheet

I have double bed, blanket, sheet and two pillows in my bedroom.

i have in my bed one double bed , sheet,duvet, two pillow,blanket and wardrobe.

I have a bed room blanket and single bed and waredrobe