Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun.

There are many different kinds of pronouns.



Evening Sir!
I am always confused between these two word.
Hobbies and Interests.
Would you clarify the difference between them please?

Hello hawa100,

I think a hobby is something a person actively does in their free time, while an interest is simply anything which we are interested in. Something can be an interest of mine in general terms, such as politics, history or fashion, but for it to be a hobby I would need to actually devote some time to doing it actively in some way. For example, I might participate in a political discussion group, or do some local history research, or write a blog on fashion trends - these would be examples of hobbies.



The LearnEnglish Team

I really find this website interesting .
Thank you a lot.

When we say "Native Speakers".
We are talking about the peoples who speaks British English/American English or we are talking about the peoples who belongs to the country where national language is English?

Hello Imran 26,

The term native speakers applies to people who speak any language as a mother tongue rather than having learnt it as a second language. Thus, a person can be a native speaker of English, Spanish, Chinese or Urdu. Everyone is a native speaker of at least one language, and many people are native speakers of more than one. For example, I live in Poland and my children learned both English and Polish at home. They are native speakers of two languages. In school they are learning a third language - French - but they will never be native speakers of this, even if they become very proficient.



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Got the point. Thanks a lot.

Worth and value as nouns
When are they interchangeable and when they aren't ? ( only as nouns )

Hello uchiha itache,

In general, when speaking about the amount of money someone could expect to pay for something, they mean the same thing. I'd encourage you to look them up in the dictionary and to study the example sentences there.

All the best,
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I have read noun section in this site, there is a sentence ;
1-There are some birds in the trees.
can I say this sentence like that" There are some birds on the trees. I am confuse about the preposition used "in". birds sits above the trees so why there use preposition "in".

Hello Imran 26,

With trees we always say 'in' and not 'on'.

If you said 'on' then it would mean that the person is literally standing on the tree just as you might stand on a roof. It's similar to the way we say 'in the river' even if only the soles of your feel are actually touching the water. We do, however, say 'on a branch'.



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