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London's secret garden

London has many well-known landmarks, but it also has its hidden gems. In this video, you can learn about a garden paradise in the heart of the UK capital.

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Yes, my country Bulgaria in fully with known and unknown places, we have many natural waterfalls, beaches and other view, which can stop your breathing :)

Places of interest such as major tourist attraction centres still remain unfamiliar to most citizens and even to the local inhabitants. Accessing them today is much easier than before; thanks to an improved transport and communication system. However, endless security issues and negative alterations of the ecosystem are key reasons why many thereof care less about their existence.

Yes, there is.

I live in Lausanne along the edge of the Lake of Geneva. Le lake is about 400 meters high and the land behind it is sloping. It goes up to about 900 meters at the Chalet-à-Gobet. There are a lot of rivers which flow on this slope et some of them have digged little valleys that can be deep enough. A good way of looking at places that few people visit is to explore those valleys. Usually, they are not proper to live in, so that there are no dwellings there in and, since there are no dwellings, you won't meet many people, only the ones who know and who like walking ... If you have the opportunity to come to Lausanne and if you feel like exploring, go to Ouchy and look for the river called la Vuachère. There is a good path that enables you to go up to Epalinges four hundred meters higher Have a good day!.

I guess Central park of Baku is the most known place where one can walk, run and play games. It has got a lot of attractions for kids and elderly. Along the park we have got some restaurants and hotels. It is situated rights in the heart of city. It is easy to reach this place both by public transport and car. Recently, it was modernised and opened to public in 2019.

I think, it's the best site for learning English. Thank you very much!

There is a beautiful manor house Gorenki in Balashikha(the city in Moscow region). It belonged to Count Razumovsky. In the 18th century, Gorenki was the largest and richest estate in the entire Moscow region. The style of the manor house is classicism. Unfortunately, nowadays our authorities don't want to restore that monument of architecture. It looks decrepit now but still beautiful. I'm pleased to live near the historic site.

yes, i have. it is the shrine of saint Barbara, who was the first in the village interred Christianity

This video and relative tasks are very useful to improve on my reading skills, riching my vocabulary and know new places and curiosity.
Thanks so much!

There are two Botanical Gardens in Moscow. One vast and very popular and another one tucked away in the downtown. The second one is not so famous and not so many locals know about its existence. But it's cosy place! This garden is also called as Botanical Garden of Moscow University.