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I traveled to united States twice . It was the longest trips . It was 12 hours flight between Egypt Cairo and New Your.

Yes, I also flew a couple of times on an airplane. My longest flight was from Nukus to Moscow, already for three and a half hours we were in the sky because of the weather. The flight was a success. We safely landed in Moscow.

Really i have not flight yet.

I have never been in air travel. I hope i'll be in the future

Yes, I have travelled about 10 times. The longest flight I have taken is to washington D.C. It has taken 5 hour to me and these have been quiet.

It just took about 4 hours between tehran and istanbul

Yes, I have done, but I have flighted only from my born city to my study city. Then, time flight it has been always the same.

My longest flight I have taken from Russian.

the longest flight I have taken was from France to Crete so it lasted around 3:30 hours. I also went to Tunisia and Spain by plane. However, last year I went to Ireland and this year I went to Scotland, these times by boat.

The 9 hour flight to bali was the longest one . I was going there with my wife to spend our honey moon. After my uncle had dropped us off at Cairo Airport, we headed to the check-in desk . We had only carry-on baggage as our return would have been to Dubai.Due to airline's constraints, we couldn't have had checked baggage.As I am Egyptian , I should have valid work permission but no one asked since my destination wasn't UAE where I work.
We didn't face any issue while going through the passport control. I was afraid to be asked about a Visa to Indonesia. We had been waiting in cost cafe before we got to the gate.In time we showed our passport and boarding pass and boarded the plane. Plenty space in the overhead locker was available to put our baggage.We sat down on our seats, fasten our seat belts and then the flight departed on time. we didn't enjoy the flight even though everything went as planned.Because it was a transit and day one.
The return to Dubai was okay.It was a night flight and we got the chance to sleep well because of the glare light inside.