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Intermediate: B1


The longest flight I have token is the flight to Nha Trang bay. It took me 3 hours in the sky. And it flew around about haft an hour because the weather was not enough condition to landing

i have traveled by air to belgium and to France

I never been on the plane

You know, I've never been on the plane!!!

Hello, My name is Patrizia. I have travelled by air in many opportunities. It has been a great experience. My longest travel has been when I went to San Francisco in the USA.

Yes, I have traveled by air, it was twelve hours traveling from Paris to Santo Domingo.

I have traveled by air many a times. I, however, feel nauseous

very good

Yes, I have. The Longest flight I have taken from New Delhi to Dubai and it was about 3 hours and 20 minutes.

yes and the longest flight was my travel to New York from Malaysia. we had a few hours stop in Dubai and it took 24 hours to reach JFK Airport. It was the most longest flight i have ever been in my life.