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My longest flight that I have taken is from my country-Vietnam to Canada. It took me 16 hours.

Hi everyone, my longest trip was Ghatar(Duha) to Los Angels (total time:15 hours)

Hi, my name is Hayder .I am from Iraq and the longest trip was from my country to Malaysia through Qatar - Doha airport, it is about nine and a half hour .

Hello, i'm Reimond from Roumania. Yes, i have traveled with the airplane.. the longest flight was from Roumania to Spain (aproximately 3 and half hours)

iam mohamed iam from egypt , my longest flight was from egypt to salalah it was very hard time we spent 12 hours at the airport for transit at shrajah airport

Hi, my longest flight was when I went to London and it was for 12 Hours

Hi I' m from Brazil. The longest flight I have taken was to Rio Grande do Sul /BR). I live in Natal/RN. The flight Natal to Rio grande do sul it took about 8 hours. The most interesting is that to travel to another country Like Portugal i takes 6 hours.

My the longest air journey took about 2 hours. The destination was Amsterdam, Netherlands. Amsterdam is very beautiful and different city. By the way I am from Istanbul, Turkey :)

I have travelled by air several times. But I often take short flights. The longest flight that I have take is the flight from Hanoi to Bangkok. It only took about 2 hours. I hope that I can go further next year :)

When I travel by plane, I do not often put my hand baggage on overhead locker, I often put it under the seat in front of me :)