Do the exercises to improve your vocabulary for air travel.


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I haven't travelled. This is a nice exercise

i have never traveled by plane.

Yes I have travelled by air to a lot of places. I am from Malaga Spain and I've always travalled to europe countries, I think the longest fly was to Oslo in Norway, when I was Working in a Telecomunication Norway Company, the company was in Spain in the PTA of Andalucia in Malaga. I had to take two planes one from Malaga to Zúrich and other from Zúrich to Oslo.

i don't know how can i do the task4

Hello Nusaiba Mohamed
To do this task, you have to always click or press on the small hand in the right corner of the boxes to move the words. If that doesn't work for you, please let us know!
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

I have never taken air travel before, but I hope so soon and i think it well be so good and amazing

I normally flight only between 1- 2 hrs. I never been flight to anywhere far, but I wish to experience the long flight too.

The longest flight i have taken was a flight to Saudi Arabia. I went there to perform Umra with my father and twin brother. The flight was directed to Jeddah airport. The aircraft's cabin was so cold; fortunately, the passengers were given a blanked so they could sleep comfortably. Also, we were served by good meals and we could ask for a drink if we were thirsty. The in-flight entertainment was amazing. It contained many good new films. Apparently, those convenience made us forgot the long trip time.

Yes, of course. The longest one as I remember was Tehran to pecan, It is about 8 hours long, so boring and I was so exhausted and in the last hour, I just thought about when I land and go for smoking outdoors. though when I arrived just jumping out smoking and in coming back to airport salon, I remembered that I didn't grab my wallet and it makes me freaked out.

I have taken a flight from Pereira to Florencia. That trip was twenty years ago.