Do you know what a 'toddler' is? Do these exercises and learn this and other words to talk about people's appearance.


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Intermediate: B1


He was famous for his long and thin and thready moustache. He had black hair. he was a famous artist.

I'm 45 years old, I've got a short black hair and a beard,they are give me a good appearance, but my beard takes a long time to take care of it.

For me...
I will describe a famous singer in America, she is a female no male hahaha, she is a pretty girl with a very nice face and long black hair, her account on Instagram has over 125miliom flowers, she was married to a very popular singer in the same country but now she got divorced, we really love this singer, i hope all of you know who is this singer ...

My boyfriend has black beard and short hair and looks like my favorite singer.
He is not a teenager but is very near of this old.

Dreadlocks appearance always make me afraid ,so I dont like this look I always try to avoid and not deal with them as possible.

The man I saw on telly this morning had a black hair with thick eyebrows. He's tall. He won 5 times in The US Open (tennis).

I wan to describe myself, so I have a straight, curly and dreadlocks hair,
I have a very long moustache and a brown goatee. My son has bald and short hair. My sister has grey hair and my toddler can walk these days.

A very popular singer in Pakistan, who has a goatee, sings exceptionally well. He is of average height and has short, straight hair.

Hi guys,
I want to describe Zidane the most football player in world, when i was teenager i love Zidane till now, Zidane has short and bald hair, and also has goatee.

My daughter has long, straight and brown hairs. She is 8 years old.