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Intermediate: B1


Yes, I do know how to drive. I have my drivers license for about 10 years. I really like to drive because I feel free to go wherever I want to.

I know to drive cars. I don't like to drive because it is too tiring. We must pay attention to road when we drive.

yes i had Drive cars , but I havnot license

Yes,of course.I've had driving licence for 6 years and I've driven for 6 years

Yes, i know hoy to drive cars, and I really like it. Currently I am also learning to drive motorcycles.

yes, I know how to drive, and I have my personale car, but I'm not a car lover, and I really don't like driving.

I love it.

Do you know how to drive? What do you like or dislike about driving?
Yes I know how to drive. I like to drive but not in long journeys.

i do like driving and i am the in the process of learning driving

I like to drive when there is not much traffic,I'm really scared to drive when is foggy or the streets are frozen. In those cases I used the car only when I strickly need it.