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Hi there, glad to see everybody here sharing their insights about an interesting content.Of course I like football especially when I was participated in it .My favourite team is Juventus also known as an Old lady .In my opinion it is wonderful team because it has sophisticated history and obviously it has passed various hurtles before establishing its superiority and obtaining numerous fans all around the world .Moreover the supervisors of the teams always continue to strive and they try to combine old school players with youngsters by adding experienced players.

I am a fan of football, my favorite team is Barcelona they have talented footballers specially the best for me is called Leonel Messi . Barcelona won several cup of Champions league and Messi won price of the best player of Europe more than 5 rimes

I m only cricket fan
I m not a football fan and I never watch football matches and I m never interesting knowledge about football.

Yes, I like football, however I am not fan, only I watch by tv very importants cups, like champions league, copa libertadores and world champions cup. Never I go to the stadium. My favorite sport is basketball.

Yes, sure. I like football and I was footballer when I was young but no a good footballer. I am fan to Valencia CF and in this year it will player the Champions League against Manchester United, Juventus and Young Boys. I think is a very dificult group to pass next session but in our stadium can win because the fans encourage the team a lot.

I really like football. It's very interesting ana exciting. I root for Barcelona and CSKA. These teams are my favorite.

I don't like the football because I have observed that is a violent game, and I prefer another kind of game.

Hi people!! I was a football fan. It is no longer an original game. When I was a kid, football was an interesting game with players playing with passion. Nowadays everything revolves around money.

Since I was a child and my father took me to see a match in their stadium, I have been a fan of Numancia, Soria's team in Spain. And I am very happy at the moment because they have just qualified to play the promotion matches towards first division in La Liga.

I am not football mad but I like to watch world Cup Football tournaments.