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It's quite hard to find the most favourite apps for learning English today. There is too many apps on CH play or App store to choose from. Here I want to share some apps I like most because they have dealt with my situation. For a long time I haven't actively been learning English except for news, social media, jobs and movies. I will need to do an IELTS test, next months and have been extremely worried of: grammar, speaking, writing...etc.
Firstly, I found this website with guide to Takeielts[dot]com some months ago. I browsed the latter website and find out IELTS Prep. I read its Preparation section and it blow my grammar worry away by useful and simple information. More useful things in its, of course, I will check next days. The most important thing with me when using this app, along with Road to IELTs website and maybe this website, that I see IELTS does not ask me for perfect English.
Secondly, I am most worried of is the speaking skill. No one to talk, no one to check....etc, then I use 'ELSA Speak' for practicing pronunciation and some conversations. ELSA is an AI (artifact Intelligent) app, developing by a Vietnamese woman and some of US professors. It can measure your pronunciation at once. But it is not enough for speaking skill, I have found "IELTS Speaking (Band9)" app. It has tips, samples, specially recording your voice and Live Speaking from which you can call and speak with friends using this app from everywhere. You can practice listening and speaking at the same time and the quality of speaking is up to you. At least you can speak more fluently and they can understand you.
About writing skills I have found "IELTS Writing" of Fariz.... It has useful samples, lessons and practice tests. You can also use "IELTS Writing (band9)" for tips and guide videos. Don't worry of 'band 9' or the same because they are costumes. I use them along with this website as I am writing now.
Please note that 3 "IELTS..." apps I mentioned above have very long long guides and tips which can make you confused or even more worried. Should you use some most useful things of them or just for references.
Hope they all will help me be better and get things I need. Right now, it takes me more an hour to compose some kind of short writing as this one. The struggle with speaking and writing skills is I have to use my own words actively... wow, a long road to go.
(Too long for a conclusion?!)

Very hepful innovation for students' homework

There are so many apps available on the phone but my favorite app is "IELTS Prep". I am using it on my Andriod phone from some time. It's not only easy to use but also good to practice IETLS exams, as online exams are available on it. Other than that, I am using it for listening and grammar mistakes.

I think that that’s good to use app for students or anyone very convenient

My favorite apps for learning are "Tiny cards", "Pocket" and "Tasks". They aren't exactly learning apps but they help me greatly in organizing my things for studying. I recommend you all to use them and you will thank me later.

I already have tried to use some apps to improve my English, but i did not get any benefit. This website helps me now to do that.

My English is a work in progress. I´m not find the app for the study or practise the listening. Does anyone have ann app tip?

Hello Mi.m.ferreira

I'm sure other people will have some good recommendations, but I also wanted to mention that we have several apps for learning English in our Apps section. Good luck finding something!

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The LearnEnglish Team

I don't use any apps for learning, but I would like to. I am searching the right one.

I don't use an app for learning. I think to effectively learn a language for instance you need to listen to or read anything from radio, watching tv, people around you, news, books, magazines etc... Anything helps and try to interact as much as possible. That is how I learned English. And do not be shy to ask people to repeat what they said.