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Do these exercises to learn words to talk about your bedroom.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


i have in my bed one double bed , sheet,duvet, two pillow,blanket and wardrobe.

I have a bed room blanket and single bed and waredrobe

In my bedroom I have a single bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe where I put my clothes.

I have in my bedroom one double bed, one sheet, one duvet, and two pillows.

i have a single bed room, in my bed room, i have three pillows, a blanket and duvet. I don't have a bedside table i use my phone like an alarm clock; in the floor i have a carpet.

my bedroom has single bed only on me and my personal blanket, carpet has in my room. two beside table has, and one chest of drawer. I have tow pillow in my room.

I have in my bedroom a double bed and beside table and duvet and sheet and blanket and pillow but I don't have carpet

I haven't been bedroom Just for me. I and my big sister are lived same room .
I left this room when My elder sister was born. They Live in room .After I stayed little living room. Beacuse We haved two living room. the once Stays İn summer. an other once stays in winter. I got into universtiy in balıkesir city.
Ieft from home five years. after I got into army. when graduated from the university. Finally I married And I couldn't stay alone and I couldn't sleep alone. But I like being in a position at the moment

in my bedroom has , double bed , chest drawer , picture , beside table , my dirty sock :) , wardrobe

In the my apartment a living room and bedroom is the same room, but it isn't a studio apartment.

There is a double bed, a high shelf, a sofa in the room.
Next to the window there is a white double bed with pillows, sheet and blanket. On the other side of the room there are a high shelf and sofa.

I don't have carpet and I don't want it because when I was a child, my parents had carpet on the floor and on the walls in each room =).

I don't have wardrobe, bedside table and chest of drawers yet. My laptop, books, clothes and other stuff are scattered in the room on a shelf, box or floor. There is a little mess in the room.