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Appearance 2

Do you know what a 'toddler' is? Do these exercises and learn this and other words to talk about people's appearance.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Ok, I try to describe one famous actress. She has blond hair and chubby lips, her father is from Denmark. She isn't tall and have a nice stature. She have played at many movies of different genres.

I know she is Scarlett Johansson

I am 180 centimeters high. I have the beard and short hair.

I want to describe my father: He has shrot and grey hair and middle of his head is bald. He usually has beard and moustache and sometimes only moustache. His looks like an old man, but he is just 57 years old.
Please tell me about my mistakes. Thanks

i have got short beard and so short moustachio and short hair :)

I can describe my earliest son. He was bald toddle only yesterday, seemed for me. Today he is teenager. He grown up so quickly. He has short straight dark hair, beautiful blue eyes and moustache above his lips. I think, I will see his beard very soon. My lovely boy.
This famous person is tool, he has a bit curly hair. For several role he grows goatee or beard, but usually his face is smooth. Oh, sometimes he has steel claws))

An bald actor, tall, with goatee, who played in many famous movies

I have beard and mustache. My hair is short. I am not bald. my hair is straight. I am not teenager and toddler. I want dreadlocks hair.

I am going to describe my wife. She has long straight dark hair. She has 44 years old so she is not a teenager but is not old. She is beautiful and very nice woman.

I would like to describe one of the my best friend, he tall and fat with moustache and beard. He married with one kid, his kid in toddler stage and his parents very excited to see when their toddler going to speak.