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Do these exercises to learn words related to cars.


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Hello Escobar,

Could you be a little more precise, please? The answers to which questions seem to be wrong to you?



The LearnEnglish Team

one of my hobbies is driving a car

i know how to drive i like driving in fast roads

I m only eighteen that's why I have now driven a car beacuse I don't have a licence and not driving knowledge.

I like to drive. I was lorry driver for 20 years.
I have a license for drive Car, Lorry, motorcycle and boat.

I drive for 15 years. I like freedom - you can go when you want. But I dislike the fear of going somewhere you don't know.

I know very well how to drive the car because I make a business about cars. I like to drive a car because it is comfortable to go anywhere. Bad things are we are lazy. Don't want to go anywhere on foot or cycling. It's bad for our health. So it's a reason I don't like.

Yes, I do and I like drive because for this activitie is necesary use all senses and thought. I dislike drive in the night because headlights of car that go in other direction causses hard impact in my eyes.

i don't know how to drive

Yes, I drive, i like to drive, it is very relaxing, but I don't like the traffic, in my country the traffic is very chaotic, and the traffic sometimes causes accidentes.