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Meat and fish

Do these vocabulary exercises and learn words for different kinds of meat and fish.


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I don't eat ham or bacon or sausages, because I'm allergic to pork meat.
I like all others kind of meat.
I don't know any vegetarian.

I enjoy all kinds of meat specially sausages; but I think it's not healthy for human kind to eat much meat. In my opinion every strange disease such as cancer and tumors come from meat. Maybe fish is better

I eat little meat but I like it very much. My favorite meat is steak.

I don´t eat meat very much actually about two times a month due it isn´t health and nowadays is very expensive too we can´t afford it anymore albeit I love barbecue , we have been eaten fish and chicken and I love them .I think I´ve never ever eat lamb , duck and grab . And prawns just only in special occasion due the price is prohibitive

simple but good

could you explain me the difference between beef and steak ?
thank you

Hi Shiiya,

'beef' is another word for cow meat. It is similar to the word 'pork' (which refers to meat from a pig) and 'mutton' (which refers to meat from a sheep). There is not a special word for the meat of all animals, though -- for example, there is no special word for the meat of a chicken, which we generally just call 'chicken'.

'steak' can refer to other meats from other animals (e.g. pork or even fish), but generally refers to a 'cut' (type) of beef that consists of muscle. This Wikipedia article gives details on several different kinds if you'd like to know more.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Guys

I don´t eat much meat , just sometime actually we have been trying to be vegetarian , trying to eat less meat as possible . To become vegetarian is very difficult because cooking something without animal origin is really hard

Very good. Actually I used to try have a vegetarian healthy diet but it was kind of tough for me. Specially for someone who lives between people who eat meat.