<p>先做<strong>准备练习</strong>。 然后观看视频内容。之后到<strong>任务</strong>中做做练习。任何时候都可以参考文字文本,帮助理解。</p>

Task 1

Read the statements and decide if they are true or false.




Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


So excited to get replies from you Jeremy, thanks a lot . I had downloaded many video and i watch them while i am on my way to my office . Now i knew Tess and Ravi, and more about you guys and britishcouncil. Thanks again.

David He
The Chinglish Team

I can follow Marcia and Philip,and does Daniel have an accent?

Hello david719!
Glad you can follow Marcia and Philip! Yes, Daniel has an accent. He has a northern English accent. It is possibly Mancunian, which is what we call the Manchester city accent. There are several different accents in the UK. For example, in my hometown, Newcastle, we speak with what's called a Geordie accent. English people from other areas often complain it's difficult to understand!
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team


I can follow them all except daniel .