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Advanced: C1


When it comes to preparing for a job interview there are several factors that affect the impression that you'll give to the interviewer,being that, overall a interview is an assessment of either your professional and personal skills within a work field regardless the position. From the way you dress to the way in which you express yourself are important, none of them outweigh others; therefore i'ts necessary to find a balance. Many people hang on to the surface, without taking into account corporal language, which, by the way, is one of the most important factors believe it or not,
Regarding the preparation it's a good excercise to make a list of the questions that are most likely to be asked and write your responses about them in such a way that you'll have a clearer perspective; finally as a general rule I'd say that at the moment of the interview, make sure of speaking the truth and avoid learning lines.

I have completed the following lessons of A job interview, Introverts – redressing the balance, and Innovation in business. The level that I chose was Advance C1 Listening.

I always prepare for interviews. Firstly, I write any questions which I can ask about future job. Secondly, I choose suitable clothes for the interview because the first impression is very important.

I'm a 17-year-old Student and I haven't ever had an interview so I haven't prepare for any. But something that I've learnt hearing my partners is that, as a matter of fact, the effort you do ought to start before you go to send your Curriculum Vitae regardless what job are you applying for, it means that you should be aware of every trait that could affect both innerly and outerly, as for instance the way in which you're wearing, how are you going to introduce yourself; all in order to make a good impression.

Before one day of the interview ; firstly, I wirte all expected questions and prepare strong and convincing answers for them . Secondly, I wake up earlly to be ready and calm and choose suitable clothes for that .

I don't ready for this kind of conversation. I never had that kind of job interview .

This job interview runs smoothly as if it's from a video guiding how to take an interview.
To prepare for interviews, I have browsed job websites. They showed me full of information from first steps of writing my CV to things happening in the workplace or so. The special tips were sent to my email, but the more I followed them, the more interviews I lost. Also, the more time I used to read the tricks from the tips, the more jobs I wanted to change. Then, I realized that I got jobs when I did not prepare at most or I was natural, and that the job websites were an easy tool for seeking jobs but a bad tool for getting and keeping jobs because their aim was a vibrant job market which has full of job seekers and employee seekers. As a result, I now just use job websites for seeking jobs only.

Brilliant. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. It was priceless.

Anyone know how to download podcast here?

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If you use a computer to access the page, you can right-click on the audio player and choose the 'Save as' option. I believe you should be able to download the audio on a mobile device as well, though how exactly you do that depends on the browser and operating system.
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